youtube-dl for Android

This is an (unofficial) build of youtube-dl for ARM-based Android devices.
The distribution includes everything needed to run youtube-dl, that is: Python, its stdlib and youtube-dl itself.


The current build (9th July 2019) uses:

  1. Python 3.7.4, youtube-dl 2019.07.02
  2. linked with zlib 1.2.11 and OpenSSL 1.1.1c
  3. built with NDK r20



After unpacking, youtube-dl can be invoked using PYTHONHOME=. ./python3 youtube-dl.
You'll probably want to create a wrapper script like this:

#!/system/bin/sh cd /path/to/youtube/dl export PYTHONHOME=. exec ./python3 youtube-dl "$@"

Note: SSL/TLS certificate validation is enabled, so the SSL_CERT_FILE environment variable should point to the trusted certificate store.


If you just need a newer youtube-dl, you can replace the file with a fresh copy downloaded from here.
You can also reach me on the mpv-android IRC channel.