bcachefs Arch Repo

This is an unofficial repository for Arch Linux to ease testing bcachefs.
It contains a kernel built with bcachefs support linux-bcachefs and the associated command line tools bcache-tools.


First off a warning: These packages come without ANY warranty. If this breaks your bootloader or destroys your data don't complain to me, you have been warned.
To enable this repository add these lines to your pacman.conf (anywhere in the file is fine):

[bcachefs] SigLevel = PackageOptional Server = https://kitsunemimi.pw/bcachefs-repo/

Afterwards refresh sources and install bcache-tools and the new kernel:

# pacman -Sy # pacman -S linux-bcachefs bcache-tools

Using bcachefs

Now reboot into the new kernel (add it to your bootloader!) and you should be set:

# uname -r 4.15.0-bcachefs # bcachefs format /dev/sdb1 # mount -t bcachefs /dev/sdb1 /mnt

If you want to learn more consult the bcachefs website, this mailing list post (2015), the user manual (2021) or Kent Overstreet's Patreon.
Read more about encryption here, bcache-tools comes with an mkinitcpio hook that provides an unlock prompt.


If you don't trust me to build your kernel (I don't expect you to), you can grab the PKGBUILDs here and compile yourself:
linux-bcachefs and bcache-tools


You can tweet at me.
Website last updated: 2022-04-24